Bathing In Prayer

Every morning all across the Earth, ordinary men and women, monks, nuns, medicine peoples, and religious and spiritual people alike all gravitate toward their sacred altars, out in the morning air, in their living rooms, village squares, or in their temples and monasteries. No matter their faith or beliefs, no matter how wealthy or poor, they all unite with the same Universal Spirit in prayer for their lives, their communities, their loved ones, and for the Earth.

Understanding the simple, profound nature of infusing their prayers and gratitude into a sacred vessel of plant and herb, they speak their prayers for their day or for their future into incense stick, cone, powder, loose leaf, or resin. They place their faith, belief, and trust in Spirit and in the Spirit of those same plants to carry their prayers out into their homes and out into the universe to be heard by whatever divinity they believe in, blessing the space around them and their morning with divine smoke in the process.

With the sacred Fire element from their stove, fireplace, or matches, they ignite this botanical vessel carrying their prayers. The Fire burns through the incense in its many forms, releasing dancing smoke containing many blessings, gratitude, and prayers for life on earth; filing the surrounding space and bathing them in their morning prayers, healing plant smoke, and fragrant blessings.

Accompanying the spiritual essence of this morning ritual is the precious healing benefits of thousands of aromatic herbs that have been used medicinally for many of mankind’s physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments for ages. As it is inhaled, the healing smoke penetrates the tissues of the lungs, bloodstream, and brain, positively affecting mind, mood, and cognitive function. This morning upliftment is a welcome side effect to those who witness the sunrise and express their hearts to the Morning Gods.

The ancient ritual of incense and prayer sets the course for the day ahead, helping to ground the physical body and mind after a night’s sleep, and allowing the prayers and intentions for the busy day to come arise within the heart. This cross-cultural act is an ancient technology that holds countless benefits to those who acknowledge the sacredness of the sunrise, the plant kingdom, spirit, and the divinity of Life.

Article By – Evan Sylliaasen

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