Our vision at Higher Mind Incense™ is to spread the profound healing wisdom of the plant kingdom and the traditional uses of its psychological, emotional, and spiritual aromatic medicine. We aim to help people cultivate a more grounded sense of sacredness around the ancient art of aroma, and help them find positive balance and harmony in their lives through the ancient, timeless ritual of burning incense.

Honoring of Traditions

The burning of aromatic herbs has been an intrinsic part of human history throughout nearly every culture on Earth for millennia. Incense has been used in prayer, ritual, medicine, and healing ways since time immemorial. We believe incense has the power to greatly enhance people’s spiritual practices, generate positive feelings and upliftment, strengthen cognitive functioning and mental health, and heal negative emotional patterning.

We honor many traditional methods of plant harvesting, incense preparation, and use of aromatherapeutic plants by utilizing these ancient processes in our formulation and crafting; creating incenses with purpose, prayer, and intentions for balance, healing, and wellbeing.

Sharing the Wisdom of the Plants and Ancient Cultures

We follow in the footsteps of the incense masters of old, the healers of the past, and the medicine peoples of the world while sharing the healing wisdom and aromatic knowledge gathered on our journey down the fragrant path. Through our articles, videos, and our school, The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, we share teachings about the ritual uses of plant smoke, ancient aromatherapy, the spiritual uses of aromatic plants, and various aromatic traditions of the world.

To learn more about The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, click here.

High Standards for Quality

All of our botanical ingredients are renown for their therapeutic and medicinal properties, so they must be of the highest quality; free of any additives, pesticides or fertilizers. Higher Mind offers some of the purest incenses made with both local and exotic spices and aromatic plants. We’ve spent years creating lasting partnerships with small farmers and trusted suppliers who hold purity and integrity above all else.

Supporting Sustainability and Eco-Consciousness

The businesses of today have the greatest impact on the environment. We go to great lengths to carefully source our ingredients and ensure they are harvested using sustainable practices. Higher Mind Incense is also in support of ethical and fair trade practices, and 100% natural, organic, and bio-dynamic farming methods.

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