Gem Essences

The infusion of Gem Essences in Higher Mind Incense™ cones brings a powerful addition to this unique and ancient tradition of aromatic healing. Gem Essences, like the traditional Bach Flower Essences, are potent vibrational elixirs that harness subtle healing energies of crystals and gemstones.  We utilize these elixirs in our incense cones to amplify and transmit the overall intentions and properties of Higher Mind Incense cones. Each incense cone blend has its own unique purpose, formulated with the herbs and oils that will best accomplish its intent. They are then imbued with the gem essence that resonates most with that purpose and will best amplify those energies to a higher frequency.

Gemstones and Crystals are ancient manifestations created over thousands of years from the harmonious relationship of the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Encapsulated within these precious and captivating relics of our planet are the stories, wisdom, and magic of our Mother Earth and her beautiful processes and mystery.

Crystals have been used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing purposes since before the dawn of civilization. Many modern and traditional cultures, medicine peoples and healers, countless seekers of wisdom, and crystal lovers alike, all utilize the powerful and subtle energies of gemstones, minerals, and crystals. These precious formations embody particular vibrations and frequencies that aid humanity on its quest for personal evolution and spiritual transformation.

The Gem Essence is an elixir that captures and radiates the vibrations and subtle healing energies of a particular gem, crystal, or mineral. As Gem Essences are made outdoors in full light of the cosmic rays of the Sun or under the nurturing coolness of the Moon, these two powerful, balancing celestial forces are also held within a Gem Essence.

The use of this vibrational therapy alone can help to release energetic patterning of old thoughts, negative patterns, and emotional issues that no longer serve; promoting overall balance and wellbeing, and aligning one to a higher vibration. However, when infused into a Higher Mind Incense™ blend, Gem Essences act to amplify the healing potential for the aromatic herbs used, strengthening and complimenting the healing and balancing effects of our incense.

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