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Aloeswood, or Agarwood, is a highly revered incense material considered sacred in many cultures for ages. It is the fragrant, resinous heartwood from the Aquilaria species that is a product of the tree’s immune response to a certain type of parasitic fungus. This strong, sweet, heavenly aromatic quality is only present in trees that have been affected by this phenomenon. Like most tree resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh, the wood is saturated by the tree’s resin as a form of defense against infection.

Aloeswood has been used in Eastern cultures for millennia as the most highly prized incense material in the world. It is mentioned in the Bible and other ancient sacred texts. It is also some of the most expensive, reaching heights of a few hundred dollars per gram. Its aroma is intense, sharp, sweet, and simply sublime. Burning Aloeswood chips elevates the soul and sharpens the senses and awareness. It has been traditionally used for religious, spiritual, and medicinal purposes for ages.

Aloeswood lies at the heart of the ancient fragrant histories of Japanese culture, and was the most prized incense material used in the famous Japanese incense ceremony, the Koh-do. In this beautiful ceremony, Aloeswood is burned alone on charcoal in small rice-sized pieces and enjoyed on emotional, mental, physiological, energetic, and spiritual levels. The tree is native to regions of Southeast Asia, though is endangered in the wild by poachers despite government protection efforts. Our Aloeswood is sustainably grown on a Bio-dynamic plantation in Thailand.

This product contains 2 grams of Aloeswood chips.

To use, place a rice grain sized piece of wood onto a hot charcoal, one at a time. It is quite potent so not much is needed.


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