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Frankincense resin is without a doubt one of the worlds most important tree resins. The trading and use of this sacred incense material has remained strong and extremely popular for over 5,000 years. It is mentioned throughout the Bible as a sacred incense and was used by many ancient cultures including the Egyptians, for connecting to the Divine. Its woody, sweet, balsamic smoke has been used religiously, ceremonially, and spiritually around the World for ages. It is used for sacred offerings, energetic alignment, healing, visionary purposes, meditation, and much more.

Our Frankincense is wild-harvested from the Boswellia carterii tree in Somalia. Many of the ecological practices, economic impacts, and cultural traditions surrounding the cultivation of these trees are in danger, and we must continue to support the eco-friendly, sustainable trade of this powerful and symbolic ancient incense resin.

To burn our Sacred Tree Resins, place a Natural Coconut Charcoal directly onto an electric burner. Turn the burner on high until red-hot. After 30 seconds, use metal tongs to flip the charcoal. After another 30 seconds, or until charcoal is red-hot, use metal tongs to remove the charcoal from the burner and place it onto a non-flammable metal, stone, or glass burning surface. Turn off the electric stove. Sprinkle small granules of resin onto the charcoal and enjoy some of the oldest incense used in the World.

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