Frankincense Incense Resin 1/2oz ( Boswellia neglecta)


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This very special and rare Frankincense variety is wild-harvested from the Boswellia neglecta tree in Somalia. Frankincense resin is one of the world’s most important tree resins. Its sweet, rich, balsamic scented smoke has been used religiously, ceremonially, and spiritually around the World for ages. Traditionally it is used for sacred offerings, energetic alignment, healing, visionary purposes, meditation, and much more.

Many of the ecological practices, economic impacts, and cultural traditions surrounding the cultivation of Frankincense trees are in danger. Therefore it is important to support the eco-friendly, sustainable trade of this powerful and symbolic ancient incense resin.

Our Frankincense resin is sustainably harvested and ethically sourced directly from tribal co-operative members in Somalia. These particular wild harvesters are trained in how to caretake the trees and even expand their populations.

Each package contains 1 ounce of sustainably harvested Frankincense, Boswellia neglecta sp.

To burn, sprinkle granules onto hot incense charcoal on a non-flammable burning surface (use our 100% Natural Incense Charcoal)

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