Grandmother Moon Incense™ Cones with Lemurian Seed Gem Essence


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Our Grandmother Moon incense cones is a sweet, gentle blend that embodies the potent healing energies of our majestic Grandmother Moon. A cooling mixture of clary sage, jasmine, coriander seed, and sandalwood helps bring balance to an excess of fiery, yang  energies. Many Oriental and Hindu incense crafters of antiquity have used these herbs to soothe different forms of intensity and heated emotions for ages, bringing about more calm, nurturing, feminine energies.

Infused with Lemurian Seed Gem Essence:

Lemurian Seed crystals are believed to emanate a very Yin energy, and have been used as powerful tools for enhancing meditation and healing work for millennia. The cool energy of Lemurian Seed in combination with the sacred Moon herbs in this blend, amplifies the profound power of our beloved Grandmother Moon for your benefit and enjoyment.

*10 cones per package.

To burn a Higher Mind Incense™ cone, find your intention or prayer, then light for ten seconds with a lighter or matches. Place on a non-flammable metal, stone or glass burning surface, and enjoy.

*The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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