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This starter kit is everything you need to get going with a traditional Japanese Koh-do incense ceremony.

This package includes a traditional 8 piece Koh-do utensil set containing a sterling silver plated rice ash press, sterling silver plated and wood chopsticks (for handling small chips of fragrant incense wood like Agarwood or Sandalwood), a mica plate, sterling silver plated tongs (for placing mica chip, or wood chips), sterling silver plated spoon (for placing incense powders on mica plate), a sterling silver plated feather tool for cleaning away ash, and a sterling silver plated design tool for making designs in your rice ash.

You also get a vial of biodynamically grown Aloeswood (2g.), a vial of sustainably cultivated Indian Sandalwood powder, a box of natural incense charcoal, and a package of rice ash.

The ancient Koh-do incense appreciation ceremony is all about beauty, sharpening the senses, enjoying the moment, and experiencing plants in deeper ways. Practitioners of koh-do would fill a cup or dish with rice ash– making a mound, and bury a red-hot incense charcoal under a small layer of rice ash (in the center of the mound). They would then make line designs or other designs on the surface of the rice ash, then place a mica plate on the peak of the mound. Then a piece of incense wood was placed on top of the mica plate.

The thin layer of rice ash and the mica plate act as a heat buffer for the hot incense charcoal, allowing the fragrant wood to slowly release its aroma without charring or burning the incense material. There are many rituals and even games that go along with the Koh-do. It was used to sharpen the senses and awareness, come into a state of inner peace and enjoyment, promote meditative states, and strengthen the olfactory palette. It was also a practice that taught patience, dedication, reverence, and respect towards the plant kingdom and nature.

If you’d like to learn more about the Koh-do and “Listening to Incense”, join Evan Sylliaasen, founder of Higher Mind Incense, for The Listening to Incense Home Study Course here:

Listening to Incense Program

Additional item necessary for the Koh-do (not included in this purchase): Bowl or cup

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