Mica Plate for Incense Woods & Koh-do


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Mica chips have been used for hundreds of years in the traditional Japanese incense ceremony, the Koh-do, and by incense enthusiasts around the world.

Tiny sheets of mica, a translucent silica mineral, are encased in a thin wire and are used as a heat buffer, in combination with rice ash, to reduce heat from an incense charcoal (buried just below a mound of rice ash). This allows the aroma of the fragrant wood or incense material to slowly release without becoming too hot and giving off an undesirable charred aroma.

Fragrant plant materials such as Aloeswood (Agarwood), Sandalwood, Kyara, and kneaded Japanese style incense are burned using this handy little incense connoisseur’s tool.

*This item is one Mica Chip. Mica Chips measure to approximately 7/8″ x 7/8″.

To use, combine with rich ash and an incense charcoal block or use in koh-do style ceremony. See Koh-do utensil set description here for more details.

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