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Burning incense resins requires hot charcoal. Traditionally, coals from a fire are taken and placed on a stone or other non-flammable surface and the resins or loose incense herbs are sprinkled over them to release the smoke. Our natural incense charcoal is an ideal and convenient alternative to using fire coals and are made purely from coconut husks.

It is most common for those who burn incense to use self-lighting charcoals or hookah charcoals to burn their incense resins. This type of charcoal is laden with toxic chemicals that assist the self-lighting process. Our chemical-free coconut charcoals are a natural and healthy alternative that leaves no trace chemical smells that can taint your incense burning experience. Our natural alternative also burns 3 times longer than the self-lighting variety.

Each box of natural coconut charcoals comes with 16 pieces of charcoal.

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