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Palo Santo resin, from the Bursera Graveolens species, has been utilized for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of Ecuador, Peru, and other surrounding regions. It has been traditionally used for many spiritual purposes. Palo Santo is utilized during meditation, ceremonies, and other spiritual journeys for purification, smudging, energetic protection, removing negative energies and spirits, blessing sacred spaces, and much more. It also has a clearing effect on the mind, sharpening the senses and awareness. Palo Santo wood has become extremely popular on today’s incense market, however, the resin is very precious, rare, and difficult to find. Palo Santo resin has a fresh, sweet, sharp, almost citrusy scent to it that deeply penetrates the sense of smell.

To burn our Sacred Tree Resins, place a Natural Coconut Charcoal directly onto an electric burner. Turn the burner on high until red-hot. After 30 seconds, use metal tongs to flip the charcoal. After another 30 seconds, or until charcoal is red-hot, use metal tongs to remove the charcoal from the burner and place it onto a non-flammable metal, stone, or glass burning surface. Turn off the electric stove. Sprinkle small granules of resin onto the charcoal and enjoy some of the oldest incense used in the World.

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