Rice Ash for Incense Burning & Koh-do


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Rice Ash is traditionally used in the Japanese incense ceremony, the Koh-do. It is used to encase and cover a hot incense charcoal in a small ceramic cup to buffer the charcoal’s heat. On top of the mound of rice ash, a small mica plate is placed.

This mica chip is an additional heat buffer that acts as a platform where small pieces of incense woods like Aloeswood and Sandalwood are placed and burned. The buffering action of the rice ash and mica plate allow just enough heat to release the aromas of an incense while not getting hot enough to char or create a burnt aroma.

Each bag comes with 38 grams of Rice Ash.

Learn more about the Koh-do in our Koh-do incense tool set description here.



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