Sacred Sensuality Loose Incense 1 ounce jar


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The warming Sacred Sensuality Loose Incense blend was created with the intention to bring sacred to sensuality and to ignite the flame of passion and love within oneself. It can be used to heighten feelings of compassion and strengthen connection to the divine feminine. Sacred Sensuality incense is beautifully balanced with deep, rich scents of Tahitian vanilla, red sandalwood, cardamom, frankincense, and an uplifting floral bouquet of rose and lavender, while damiana brings a calming, yet invigorating excitement to the senses.

Herbs in this blend have been used for ages as aphrodisiacs, to heal the heart, to strengthen love partnerships, and to amplify feelings of love on all levels. This blend can be used to help create a sacred space for connecting more authentically with one’s self, lover, and the great mysteries of creation. This traditional loose incense carries a very unique, exotic aromatic profile of rich florals and spice, releasing a distinguished and kindling sweetness.

To burn this incense hot charcoal is needed. You can purchase our Natural Incense Charcoal here.

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