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The Tranquility incense blend is a traditional loose mixture of exotic aromatic plants from around the world. These fine herbs are traditionally used for meditative aid, emotional balance and upliftment, sharpening of the senses, heightening awareness, and creating a pleasant state of tranquility within. High grade bio-dynamically grown aloeswood, wild-harvested frankincense and myrrh, benzoin resin, select Hawaiian and Indian sandalwoods, and a hint of cinnamon create a potent, well balanced, choice artisan incense. This ritual incense blend has a uniquely sweet aroma with a particular sharpness to it, refreshing woody middle notes, and hints of fruity musk. The Tranquility loose incense blend is a supreme example of traditional loose incense crafting.

To burn this incense hot charcoal is needed. You can purchase our Natural Incense Charcoal here.

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