About Us


Our vision at Higher Mind Incense™ is to help people cultivate a more grounded sense of sacredness around the ancient art of aroma, to spread the profound wisdom of the plant kingdom and the cultural uses of its physiological, emotional, and spiritual medicine, and to help people find positive balance and harmony in their lives. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between humanity and the natural world by bringing nature back into peoples’ homes. We offer you some of the purest incense made with sustainably wild-harvested, natural, and organic ingredients, and we are dedicated to creating higher quality artisan incense to aid you on your road of life.

Society is in dire need of reconnecting to its roots. As humans we are so intrinsically intertwined with the plant kingdom, yet so many of us are disconnected from the natural world as a whole. Plants produce the air we breathe, they are the food we eat, they produce our clothes and our shelter, and they provide medicine for all of our imbalances and sickness as our ancestors once knew. We must re-integrate the wisdom of the plants back into our lives to reestablish our deeper connection to the natural world and our higher selves.

Higher Mind Incense™ blends are made using ancient aromatherapeutic principles to positively affect your mind, mood, and cognitive function. The benefits of Aromatherapy have been utilized for thousands of years and continue to aid in the greater healing process of humanity. It has been found that by using certain aromatic essences of herbs, tree resins, and minerals, we can attain to greater levels of overall well being, balance, and healing.

Each batch of Higher Mind Incense™ is handmade with a specific focused intention and prayer, along with some of the purest ingredients from natural ecosystems. Our cones are soaked in organic essential oils, herbal scents, and crystal vibrational Gem Essences for multiple days before air drying to completion.

The infusion of Gem Essences in Higher Mind Incense™ cones brings a powerful addition to this unique and ancient tradition of aromatic medicine. Gem Essences, like the traditional ‘Bach Flower Essences’, are potent vibrational elixirs that capture the subtle energies of crystals, as well as harness the cosmic rays of the Sun and nurturing energies on the Moon. Particular healing energies from crystals and gemstones are captured and utilized to amplify and transmit the overall intentions and properties of Higher Mind Incense™. Each blend has its own unique purpose, designed with the herbs and oils that will best accomplish its intent. They are then imbued with the gem essence that resonates most with that purpose and will best amplify those energies to a higher level.

The creations of Higher Mind Incense™ combine modern methods with ancient healing and spiritual technologies for a new paradigm. The result is an artisan incense that not only emanates rich, deep aromas for enjoyment anytime of day in any space, but also aids one on a more profound level, easing one into higher states of relaxation, heart coherence, calmness, and peace of mind. Gem Essences of Moldavite, Apophylite, Selenite, Rose Quartz and more, help these special blends expand awareness, intensify transformation and positively raise and effect energies.

*The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.