Incense Aromatherapy


We utilize the principles of aromatherapy in the formulation of our incense cone blends to positively affect mind, mood and cognitive function. The benefits of aromatherapy have been used for thousands of years and continue to aid in the greater healing process of humanity. Since ancient times it has been known that by using certain aromatic essences of herbs, tree resins and minerals, we can attain to greater levels of well being, spiritual alignment and emotional balance.

Ancient Egyptians were among the first civilizations to create such an elaborate system of healing mind, body and spirit with the application of plant oils and incense. Hindu and Buddhist incense crafters have been creating incense based on ancient medical texts for thousands of years and have long understood the subtle and profound effects that fragrance can have on the human psyche and emotions. Native American healers and many other indigenous medicine men and women around the world have employed the use of sacred plant smoke to heal their patients on the physical, mental, emotional and soul levels since time immemorial.

Today there are many applications of aromatic plant medicines, herbal concoctions and essential oils for the treatment of imbalances on many levels. We believe that the traditional art of incense aromatherapy is a sacred gift from the ancients, remaining intact and waiting for the world to praise and utilize it as it once was. Not only can incense simply be enjoyed any time of day, uplift us and please the senses, but it can also aid us on deeper levels if we utilize this ancient craft left behind by the incense masters of antiquity.

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