An assortment of fragrant articles are compiled below to help you gain insight and understanding of the ancient art of incense. Here you’ll find wisdom on aromatic plant medicine, traditional uses of plant smoke and aromatherapy, incense cultures from around the world, and much more. We cover the basics of incense for you, from the spiritual and religious uses of different plants and incenses, to in-depth plant profiles that will help you get to know the the most traditionally used incense herbs on deeper levels. Enjoy.


Plant Profiles:
The Aromatic Smoke of Juniper: Resilience, Protection, and Hardiness

“Juniper is used as a base in many different incense recipes and is known for its stimulating and mind-clearing properties, its cleansing and purification of the atmosphere, its calming and relaxing effect on the nerves, and its sharpening of mental awareness and alertness.”

3Frankincense – Divine Communion

“Frankincense is known to hold a special power to help one connect and commune with the Divine. As an herb long associated with the Sun, the intuition, divine connection, inner strength, personal power, and the archetype of the King, many wise men have pondered its many layers of meaning and hidden wisdom…”


12647523_1080648361979195_8536037479308061649_nCedar – Evergreen Tree of Life

‘‘Tree of the Gods’, ‘Timber of the Gods’, ‘Evergreen Life’; these names of praise and reverence show us a glimpse into the rich histories this sacred, wise tree has shared with many cultures in its use as a practical building material, a sacred incense and a powerful medicine…”


salvia_apiana5White Sage – Wisdom and Clarity

“For centuries Native Americans have understood the deeper aspects and healing qualities of White Sage and have called upon its powers during times of challenge, personal struggle, confrontation, and imbalance…”



Cardamom and the Hunger for Life

“Referred to as “grains of paradise,” Cardamom is traditionally used in many forms as a general tonic for vitality, stability, and overall physical and mental balance. This potent aromatic medicine has the ability to bring vibrancy to ones life by boosting energy and defeating sluggishness.”



poplarbudsBalm of Gilead – Comfort For The Soul

“Balm of Gilead is no doubt one of the most popular incense herbs found throughout the age-old texts, myths, and stories of many ancient cultures. Its sweet, uplifting aroma carries with it a sense of comfort, wonder and a touch of magic. ”



paloPalo Santo – Holy Wood

“In a spiritual sense, Palo Santo is a strong ally to many medicine people, shamans and healers. It is used in cleansing homes of negative spirits and energies, attracting good fortune, communicating with the spirit world, in smudging rituals, as an aid to meditation…”


rosmarinus-officinalis1Rosemary – For Heart and Mind

“Rosemary was known by the ancients to bring about a stronger sense of self-confidence and to strengthen the memory and awareness. Due to its aid in remembrance and its resonance with the heart…”


Incense: The Roots of Aromatherapy

“Aroma has been used in the healing arts since the beginning of history and Incense was the first method of application, thousands of years before essential oils were first extracted. The burning of incense, use of essential oils, or inhaling of nature’s aromas outdoors was one of the original natural “treatments,” helping to keep humans in balance on many different levels since the beginning of time.”


The Art of Traditional Incense Crafting

“The many forms of incense are nearly as diverse as the cultures who make and use them. They range from single dried herbs burned on a hot charcoal, to the most complex herbal mixtures of Tibet. A majority of the incense crafters of old were responsible for creating mixtures of exotic and sacred ingredients for many spiritual and ceremonial purposes, therefore any lower grade ingredient was simply not acceptable.”

Altar#1The Many Benefits of Personal Sacred Ritual

“Ritual is intrinsic to the human experience. From the beginning, every culture held ritual and ceremony at the heart of existence, as a way of life. Creating a sacred rhythm through ritual is part of our human nature, and with the aid of incense, it holds the key to unlocking hidden potential, inner wisdom, inner peace and personal transformation.”

sm1Reviving the Spirit of Incense Through Personal Ritual

“The biggest step in the process of re-sacralizing incense is to understand the importance and benefits of creating your own personal incense ritual. No matter the belief, religion, or spiritual practice, someone’s personal incense ritual is completely their own…”

BuddhaIndia1Keeping a Sacred Art Alive

“The blending of particular aromatic herbs for medicinal benefit is just one part of medicine incense crafting. Incense receives much of its healing powers from the intentions and prayers of the incense crafters themselves. To have an incense made with healing herbs is one thing, to have an incense made with healing herbs, infused with positive prayer and intention for a particular result is unmatched…”

incense1Incense On The City Bus

“Running into an incense connoisseur or collector is a rare occasion these days. We’re out there, but we are far and few between compared to the ages before our time. It is curious to think that in many ancient cities several hundred or thousand years ago, the majority of a population would at some point in their day, encounter the alluring scent of incense…”


Altar1Creating Your Own Incense Altar

“Whether to create sacred space with plumes of gentle smoke, to enhance meditation by quieting the mind and relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, or to accompany prayer, incense certainly has its place as a strong ally to each of us if we just make the time. And what better time than now to create a sacred space in your home or in nature to nourish your connection to your deeper self and to Spirit…”

sagePurifying Sacred Space – Smudging

“Native Americans traditionally call on the spirits of sacred plants to cleanse people and places of harmful energies, thoughts, and influences. This purification ritual, called “smudging”, is used to clear the atmosphere of negative vibrations caused by anger, sadness, illness or malevolent spirits, and to fill the environment with positive, uplifting energies…”

Prayingmonk1Bathing In Prayer

“The Fire burns through the incense in its many forms, releasing dancing smoke containing many blessings, gratitude, and prayers for life on earth, filing the space surrounding and bathing us in our morning prayers, healing plant smoke, and blessings…”


dreamPlant Allies In The Dreamtime

“Many plants, herbs, and crystals have been utilized for thousands of years to enhance the experiences and deepen the potency of dreams. These natural allies have within them spiritual, physical, and emotional healing potential, helping us to open new doorways and find higher understanding and meaning in our lives through omens, symbols, synchronicities, and refined clarity in our dreams…”

Moroccan Incense1The Unseen Magic Of Incense

“Out of the five senses we are gifted with as human beings, scent is the sense most directly linked with our emotions and memories. This is why different smells and scents tend to trigger the fondest memories or the oldest indescribable recollections and also why incense is so deeply connected to spirituality…”