The Higher Mind Distinction

Our values, practices, and founding principles are what set us apart from any other incense crafters in the world. We combine gemstones with herbs, aromatherapy with prayer, and sustainability with earth-centered business practices, while offering unique teachings and ancient plant wisdom.

Gem Essences

Many of our products are infused with vibrational Gem Essences. Click here to find out more about these potent elixirs and why we use them in our incense.

Incense Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using aromatic plants to heal the mind and emotions. Incense is the oldest form of this therapy, reaching back thousands of years.

Sustainably Natural

Our incense ingredients are sustainably wild-harvested, natural, and organic, giving you the choice to enjoy nature's true aroma.

Ancient Wisdom

Incense tradition and ancient herbal wisdom form the core of our beliefs and practice. Sharing the wisdom and knowledge of the ones who came before us is our highest intention.